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Learnings Over the Years

Where Our Work Spans 

A Retrospective Showcase of Select Studies

2020 - 23










New Community Studies to Inform Strategy (2020-2023)

Cover of Southern Arizona Jewish Community Planning Process Needs Assessment Executive Summary
Cover of Learning about the Montreal Jewish Community in 2020 Executive Summary
Cover of Findings from the Northern New Jersey Jewish Community Study
Cover of CASJE Mapping the Market Report
Cover of CASJE Preparing for Entry Report
Cover of CASJE An Invitation to Action Report

Career Trajectories of Jewish Educators in the United States (2019-2022)

This study has established an agenda and set of terms for thinking about how to address the challenge of Jewish educator recruitment. It has been especially important for providers of professional development in identifying the contribution of PD to educators’ sense of self-efficacy, satisfaction, and career commitment. Its impact is still taking shape. 

Cover of Zooming Toward the Future Report
Cover of The SVARA Teaching Kollel Case Study
Cover of Taking Stock and Offering Thanks: Year 4 Learnins Report from the Jim Joseph Foundation Professional Development Initiative

Jim Joseph Foundation Professional Development Initiative (2018-2022)

As part of supporting the Jim Joseph Foundation’s landmark grants to 10 providers of professional development, our team developed an approach to assessing a set of shared outcomes produced by all 10 providers, we documented their work through engaging case studies, and we explored the impact of their pivoting online during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cover of GenZ Now Report

GenZ Now: Understanding & Connecting With Jewish Teens Today (2017-2019)

This study was the result of a unique collaborative partnership between funders, researchers, and the leadership of 14 national youth-serving organizations. The survey responses of over 17,000 Jewish teens provides a heretofore unprecedented understanding into who these teens are, what they care about and want, and to some extent, what the Jewish community can do to enhance their lives as people, and as Jews. 

Cover of Initial Outcomes Across Communities Executive Summary
Cover of Cross-Community Evaluation Findings 2018 Report
Cover of Lessons from the Pinnacle Report

Cross-Community Evaluation of the Jewish Teen Education and Engagement Funder Collaborative (2014-2021)

The development of shared measures of success for Jewish teen education and engagement efforts among a large and diverse group of community-based funders was a first for the field as was the development and use of a common set of instruments designed to assess progress toward those visions of success.

Cover of Hillel Measuring Excellence Summary Report

Hillel International Measuring Excellence

Hillel’s 2014-2019 strategic implementation plan, The Drive to Excellence, articulated a set of engagement goals to help a significant number of Jewish students make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel. Recognizing that data are essential to understanding impact, Hillel International commissioned Rosov Consulting to develop and field a comprehensive student survey that is still in use today.

Cover of Hebrew for What? Report
Cover of Hearts and Minds Report

AVI CHAI Studies in Jewish Day Schools (2013-2017)

With so much invested in Israel and Hebrew education in Jewish day schools, our work enabled many of those involved to gain a thorough sense of what was happening in the field. These studies have been an important point of reference for scholars and practitioners, and the instruments we developed for the studies continue to be employed in follow-up research.

Cover of Kayitz Kef Report

Areivim Hebrew at Camp/Kayitz Kef (2013-2020)

This was a formative study of an ambitious new initiative (which continues to grow), that helped shape the project’s development over its first 10 years, demonstrating the contribution of immersive Hebrew environments to the development of Hebrew proficiency.

Cover of Onward Israel Alumni Back Home Report
Cover of Onward Israel Cohort III Alumni Report
Cover of Onward Israel Cohort V Report

Onward Israel (2012-2023)

Year-after-year we helped Onward Israel identify its contribution to college-age students who participated in the summer program. We enabled the organization to assess the impact of a series of modifications to the program and fine tune their offerings, and we helped Onward make the case to potential funders and partners.

Cover of Pears Foundation Jewish Lives Report

Pears Foundation Longitudinal Study (2011-2018)

This was the first-ever longitudinal study of Jewish day school students, designed to explore the contribution of school to their Jewish lives. The study has been vitally important to the way that Jewish communal organizations in the UK think about the role of schools and the provision of Jewish education and engagement services at college and beyond.

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